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Hello, this is VancouverWaTi.com -- at
360-334-2348 -- I never answer this number.

This is -- a 7x24 -- Message Only -- anonymous TIP Line -- about the Black-Listing and Gang-Stalking -- of Targeted Individuals -- TIs

Tell Me Something I Don't Know -- about Black-Listing and Gang-Stalking

After I listen to it -- I will permanently DELETE both your tip -- AND phone number

And t
o CLOSE this loop -- you can ENSURE -- that I actually RECEIVED your tip / message

by viewing the summary at
-- www.VancouverWaTi.com / tip -- (this page)

Disclosure of Tips / Messages:
  • Deleted -- Mon-Oct-24-2011 -- K -- The AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) program worked for this TI, avoid other spoofs like NA. Found this site by searching, "organized harassment slander".
  • Deleted -- Tue-Oct-11-2011 -- R -- Says they're a local TI.
  • Deleted -- Thu-Sep-29-2011 -- J -- Not about Gang Stalking & Black Listing.
  • Deleted -- Wed-Sep-21-2011 -- J -- Garbled message about something other than Gang Stalking & Black Listing of TIs. This phone # is to leave tips about that subject only.
  • Deleted -- Thu-Aug-04-2011 -- X -- Left a number, short garbled message mentioned "TI", but gave no indication of why to call back, sounded like a prank, I immediately purged it.
  • Deleted -- Thu-Jun-30-2011 -- X -- 2 incoherent messages, mentioned violence, which is out of character for this person. I did confirm, but to this day I wonder if it was an impersonator, who may have been trying to turn X & I against each other..
  • Deleted -- Sat-Jun-25-2011 -- X -- 4 harassing messages, deleted without listening, sounded like recordings.
  • Deleted -- Tue-May-17-2011 -- D -- two things; a) suggested using the term CoIntelPro vs Gang-Stalking, and b) advised me of a talk show the coming Saturday.
  • Deleted -- Tue-May-10-2011 -- B -- left message about their targeting -- my reply is -- please call the talk show -- this phone number is for tips about Gang-Stalking.
  • Deleted -- Thu-Apr-20-2011 -- ? -- prank, this "closed loop" feedback discloses, their message was received.
  • Sat-Apr-09-2011 -- This tips number about Gang-Stalking went live.